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Portfolio Descriptions


Find out how to grow a stock portfolio online

If you want to grow a share portfolio, our proven methods can produce excellent results. Our approach is calculated, planned and designed to yield a profit.


WIN Growth Portfolio

Just like Aesop’s fable about the hare and the tortoise we believe that keeping on, slow and steady, gets you where you want to go. As you will know from the story the one that starts off quickly, running as hard as possible, gets fatigued and is unlikely to succeed. And that lesson, the moral of the story, is the way we grow a share portfolio online.

We do not chase the latest fad or technology. We do not try to time when to get in or out of a particular stock or the market as a whole. Instead, we invest steadily, putting aside money every month. We continuously look to find the best companies to invest in and then commit to holding them for many years. We focus on the goal, trusting that our steady approach will succeed.

This approach has helped us grow a stock portfolio and produce great results. The lesson from 2,600 years ago is still relevant today.



WIN Vision Portfolio

Tdreamstime_xs_15866818his is our more adventurous method of investing. We look for newer and maybe smaller companies that are involved in ground-breaking activities. We look for changes in economic activities and identify the likely winners of change.

We do not try market timing of our stock choices. Instead, we continuously strive to identify great business and invest in them steadily by putting aside money every month. Once we invest we are committed to holding them for good periods of time. This is how we build our Vision Portfolio.

Overall, this has our highest risk profile but our method has proven highly profitable.