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Why should I maintain my membership after I see your investments and buy shares?

Because you’ll miss out on seeing our investments, could therefore risk not being up-to-date and not know when to sell your shares. You won’t know when you might want to choose to follow our other trades to buy or sell because the market changes all the time.

What is your intention behind this service?

The main purpose we have is to put you back in control of where you invest your hard earned money to maximise your returns rather than placing your funds with underperforming equity funds managers that charge you without giving you the results you deserve.

Can I contact you directly for investment insights?

All insights are for all Insiders but for regulatory reasons we cannot give individual finance advice.

What does it mean to be an Insider?

As an Insider, you will learn about what, when and how we invest and of course when we sell. We will share ideas and ways of investing you are unlikely to find from any single source.

Where can I buy stocks?

You can use a traditional stock broker or bank. We buy our stocks via the internet with an online broker. Please refer to Insider Guides for more on this.

Where can I buy stocks?

You can use a traditional stock broker or bank. We buy our stocks via the internet with an online broker. Please refer to Insider Guides for more on this.

How long do you usually hold a company’s shares?

Typically we will hold stocks for between 3 to 18 months. This is not to say that once we sell a holding we will not buy it back. As an Insider you will always know when we buy and sell our holdings.

Can I buy shares directly from you?

No. We are not a trading platform.

Do you benefit from recommending the companies listed in your portfolios?

No we do not benefit except for the actual returns of the stock holding and dividends as investors.

Should I sell my shares if the market starts going down?

When we sell any holdings in our portfolios you, as an Insider, will be alerted of our actions.

Should I buy every stock listed in the portfolio?

We do not offer individual financial advice and you should consult your financial adviser who will know your personal circumstances. We invest in all the companies in the portfolios.

What is the difference between Growth and Vision portfolio?

The WIN Growth Portfolio tends to have large companies with stronger financials that offer good value for long term growth. The WIN Vision Portfolio is our higher risk higher potential return strategy and is generally populated with newer and smaller companies.

Everybody keeps talking about this company ‘X”, should I buy it?

There is always “flavours of the month” mostly hyped by the media. We do not take short term hype seriously but rather follow our well developed process developed over more than 20 years experience.

What are your investment principles?

We do not stick to one principal alone. We use the principal of Value Investing in many cases with our WIN Growth Portfolio but also adopt what we refer to as “Picks, shovels and Blue Jeans Investing”. Let me give you an example of what we mean by “Picks, shovels and Blue Jeans Investing.” Back in 1849 California had a gold rush. So in search of riches many people travelled across North America to prospect for gold. But despite the large numbers of prospectors not many got rich. But there were those who got rich without needing to pan for gold. These were the guys that provided the prospectors with all the equipment they needed such as picks, shovels and Mr. Levi Strauss with his blue jeans.

I’d like to keep my risk down, which portfolio should I choose?

Our WIN Growth Portfolio is, regarded by us as the lower risk portfolio.

What do you look for when picking stocks to buy?

This depends on the portfolio that the stock will go into.

Do you ever short company stocks?


What makes you different from other investment websites?

We put our own money into our portfolios. We offer total transparency. We remove all the financial jargon so that you can see what we are doing.

How do I open a trading account?

Please refer to you Insider Guide that covers this comprehensively.

How much money (or % of savings) should I invest in the market?

We cannot give individual financial advice on this subject or others. The best time to invest is generally when you have spare funds and are prepared to keep funds invested over the long term.